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Is Alcoholics Anonymous for you?

- check HERE
Download the 2015 PIGEON submission deadline schedule here
Delegates Conference Report Schedule - HERE
LisaDawn, our Delegate, will be reporting at District Meetings
based on the schedule provided here.
Please take the time to attend one of these presentations
- Can the AA Fellowship find your group?
- Can those seeking an AA meeting find your group?

To learn about how to better connect with the AA Fellowship and help others find the meeting(s) at your group, please read this document to learn about getting your group registered. To update your groups information - go here. To update DCM information - go here The DCM Form has fields that can be filled ou tin Acrobat Reader and then it can be printed out. It will be worth your effort!
2014 Trusted Servant Guidelines
The latest version of the Area 36 Guidelines
for its trusted servants is HERE.
Hopefully, a 'must read' for all Area servants.
Plan on attending a Regional Forum? Or maybe just need some information on whats involved in AA service.
Well, here is the information you have been looking for. It's intended to be an orientation document for those attending a Regional Forum - but it's so much more. A worthwhile read!

Download/read HERE
The 2015 Area 36 Approved Budget
Proposals under consideration by Structure Committee

    - Recommended changes to the Trusted Servant Guidelines
Annotations regarding changes are included in the document to identify changes

    - Proposal on Non-Rotating Positions - Amended

Please review this material with your group and District. These items will be under consideration at the March 2015 Area Assembly

New GSR Information page - HERE

New DCM Information page - HERE

Information for new trusted servants page - HERE

Regional Contact Form - HERE

Contact Form by Service Entity - HERE
Find English Speaking Meetings in Europe HERE
This site is provided by the Continental European Region of AA
3.2014 Updated Staff Assignment Form is HERE
Prepare for the 2015 AA International Convention in Atlanta
    Registration (begins Sept 3, 2014) and other necessary info HERE
01.2014 Points to Ponder Regarding Online Anonymity HERE
12.2013 2014 Area Inventory Questions here
09.2013 Letter regarding Anonymity Documentary
06.2013 New GSO Forms are here
11.2012 A report on a workshop held at the 62nd General Service Conference
on the topic: Safety in AA
   This document contains the ideas that were offered as potential solutions to ensuring all AA members that their meeting environment is safe, as well as ensuring that our new members find a safe haven in which to recover.
08.2012 Memo from GSO regarding utilization of the publication Box 459 and its value to the AA groups.
08.2012 You can access the latest financial reports here:
2015 Delegates Workshop
April 11, 2015
St. John's Lutheran Church, 500 3rd St., \Northfield, MN
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
A discussion of the 65th General Service COnference Agenda Items
21st Annual Sunlight of the Spirit Weekend
Becoming a Part of the Common Solution
April 17 - 19, 2015
Holiday Inn, Fairmont, MN
2015 Minnesota State Conference of Young People in AA
April 10 - 12, 2015
Holiday Inn - I94 East
St. Paul, MN
Register at

Archives Alive Workshop
April 18, 2015
Speakers from Districts 16, 18 & 23
Sharing their experience with AA of the past in Minnesota
Archives Repository - Glencoe, MN
712 E. 10th Street, Glencoe, MN
Flyer HERE      MAP

The Spiritual Life Is Not A Theory
April 23-25, 2015
Workshop Hosted by The Way Out AA Group
Elk River, MN
Elk River Lutheran Church
729 Main St NW - See flyer for details
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   Current Advisory:  All Meetings as Scheduled
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Group Inventory Materials
The questions, facilitators role and a list of the norms for a Group Inventory
G.S.R. Book Materials
Trusted Leadership Training 2015
D.C.M. Book Materials
Trusted Leadership Training 2015
Committee Chairs Book Materials
Trusted Leadership Training 2015
Group Servants Book Materials
Trusted Leadership Training 2015
The 2015 Area 36 Budget
Area 36 Financial Policy
Area 36 Current Reimbursement Form
Area 36 Newsletter - The Pigeon
English Order form - Pink Can Plan
Spanish Order form - Pink Can Plan
Area 36 Spanish Groups
Printable 2014 Area 36 Event Calendar
Printable 2015 Area 36 Event Calendar
Intergroups/Central Offices provide services to local A.A. groups and members. They cooperate with local AA General Service Districts wherever possible. They are formed and supported by the local AA groups themselves. Minneapolis Intergroup is a service office dedicated to helping newcomers who are seeking Alcoholics Anonymous.
St. Paul Intergroup's primary purpose is to assist the AA groups of Saint Paul and the Suburban area in carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to those who still suffer. Intergroup derives its legitimate authority from, and is responsible to the member groups which it serves. In all its activities, policies and proceedings, Intergroup observes the practice and spirit of AA's Twelve Traditions and Twelve concepts for World Service, as well as its three legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service.
Intergroups/Central Offices provide services to local A.A. groups and members. They cooperate with local AA General Service Districts wherever possible. They are formed and supported by the local AA groups themselves.

General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous, located in New York City

Members A.A. Online Store
Contact GSO staff members by service responsibility
BOX 459 - National AA newsletter for U.S. & Canada -
latest issue and link to archived issues
AA Grapevine Magazine - Our Monthly Meeting in Print

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