It has been clear for many years now that the members of what are called the Helping Professions (i.e. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists of many kinds, as well as Alcoholism and Drug Counsellors) are often the lifesaving doorway through which those suffering from alcoholism find their way into Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous is happy to cooperate with those on the front lines of the battle against alcoholism. Over the years we have formed many wonderful and strong relationships with members of these professions. Dr Harry Tiebout was the first in his field of Psychiatry to refer patients to A.A. It was through his encouragement that the first woman sought the help of the AA program. That woman was to later go on to found the National Council on Alcoholism.

In addition, Alcoholics Anonymous has developed many efforts to cooperate and assist the professional in helping their clients. One such program here in Southern Minnesota is the Temporary Program. This program provides a vital link between the treatment center and AA. It helps the prospective AA member to bridge the gap that may seem overwhelming to them. And in so doing it may make the difference between a successfuk recovery and relapse.

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