Way back in 1934 he began to teach us the principles and attitudes that afterward came to full flower in AA's Twelve Steps for Recovery.

If ever there was a living water for drunks this was it. We took the cup of Grace that Sam held out and we drank, not forgetting to pass it on to others. Our gratitude goes up to Him whose Grace ever fills that cup, and out to Sam who first offered it to us.

But rivers must have tributaries, else they cannot travel far nor grow great. The ever-deepening stream of spirit on which we A.A.'s journey to better things now has its myriad tributaries--branches which feed into the main current of the life of our whole fellowship. The most numerous and most vital of these streams of devotion and service have always come to us from our friends in the clergy.

. . . . .

Therefore itis with the deepest feeling that I here cast up AA's debt to the clergymen and clergywomen: without their works for us, AA could never have been born; nearly every principle that we use came from them. Their example, their faith and their beliefs in some part, we have appropriated and made our own. Almost literally, we AAs owe them our lives, our fortunes and such salvation as each of us has found.

Surely, this is an infinite debt!

Bill W 
A.A. Grapevine magazine 1957

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