We have been fortunate!

Alcoholics Anonymous has been extremely fortunate to have received the trust and cooperation of many professionals in the course of its history. This is especially true of our friends in the healthcare community.
In our early days this was in the form of Dr William D. Silkworth at Towns Hospital in New York City, NY. His wise guidance of our co-founder, Bill W., had world-changing implications. We have been blessed by the willingness of several of these dedicated men and women to serve on our General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous - which guides our society.

Our co-founder, Bill W., describes it this way in the book A.A. Comes of Age: "Without its friends of medicine, Alcoholics Anonymous might never have been born. It was from the medical profession that we of A.A. learned the physical and emotional nature of our malady. Today thousands of physicians throughout the world are working in close cooperation with us." 

It is the hope of the Cooperation with the Professional Community Comittee of Southern Minnestoa A.A. that we can provide, on this site, some meaningfull and insightful information for our friends in the medical community.

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