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document The District Committee Member (PDF) Popular

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Download (docx, 88 KB)

The District Committee Member.docx

pdf SMAA Structure Info (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 803 KB)

SMAA Structure Info.pdf

pdf Regional Forums (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 655 KB)

Regional Forums.pdf

pdf Parliamentary Procedure (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 745 KB)

Parlimentary Procedure.pdf

pdf Linking the Groups to AA (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 934 KB)

Linking the Groups to AA.pdf

pdf Group Inventory Materials (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 628 KB)

Group Inventory Materials.pdf

pdf General Service Conference History (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 644 KB)

General Service Conference History.pdf

pdf District Meeting Agenda (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 721 KB)

District Meeting Agenda.pdf

pdf Distribution of General Service Conference Materials (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 683 KB)

Distribution of General Service Conference Materials.pdf

pdf DCM Welcome (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 544 KB)

DCM Welcome.pdf

pdf DCM Responsibilities (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 832 KB)

DCM Responsibilities.pdf

pdf Conference Approved Literature (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 544 KB)

Conference Approved Literature.pdf

pdf Concepts Checklist (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 610 KB)

Concepts Checklist.pdf

pdf Complete DCM Packet (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.35 MB)

Complete DCM Packet.pdf

pdf Workshop Format (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 573 KB)

Workshop Format.pdf

pdf Who's at the Conference (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 561 KB)

Who's at the Conference_.pdf

pdf Voting Process (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 661 KB)

Voting Process.pdf

pdf The Group Conscience (PDF) Popular

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Download (pdf, 554 KB)

The Group Conscience.pdf

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